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Welcome to Planet Bakery‘s Baklava Blog.  Lets create the largest collection of baklava recipes from around the planet.  We know that most everyone from different parts of the world are passionate about their baklava.  Heck, we are too.  That’s why we say that our baklava is passionately crafted.  So, what do they say about baklava in southeast city of  Gaziantep (Turkey)?  How in Greece?  How about the Middle East?  How about the United States? 

Baklava is one of tasty treats that continues to evolve and in the United States is widely becoming accepted as the gift of choice during the holidays or just about any other occasion.

Planet Bakery’s baklava.com sells the world’s greatest baklava pastries.  Our  fabulous walnut or the Turkish filled pistachio baklava is unsurpassed in taste.  Additionally, we have several different versions of baklava to try and our baklava pastry guide, will give you an idea.  Baklava.com offers FREE shipping in the 48 United States and ordering is as easy as 1,2,3!

Again, we like to encourage everyone to share ideas and thoughts about baklava on this blog.  Sure, we made a pitch to sell you some but in the end, we want to hear from you so please leave us a comment and join in on the fun.